Palestinians killed on Gaza border

Israeli soldiers have killed two Palestinian fighters in a clash near the Gaza Strip boundary fence.

    Israel has killed 11 fighters in the territory since the weekend

    The army confirmed that troops fired on a group of gunmen near the Karni border crossing on Wednesday, saying they were suspected of trying to plant a bomb at a buffer zone where there are Israeli patrols.

    One of the two gunmen was killed at the scene while a second died of his wounds at Gaza City's main hospital, medics said.

    Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed wing of the Palestinian Fatah faction, claimed the slain gunmen as its own.

    Al-Aqsa is one of several groups spearheading a more than five-year-old Palestinian uprising.
    Gaza, which Israel quit last September after 38 years of occupation, has suffered a flare-up of violence in recent days. 

    Israel has killed 11 gunmen in the territory since the weekend, most in air strikes. The army said most of those targeted were involved in cross-border rocket salvoes.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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