UN Golan Heights mission extended

The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a six-month extension of the mandate of the United Nations' observer mission on the Golan Heights.

    The mission monitors a ceasefire between Israel and Syria

    The 15-member council decided on Wednesday to renew the mandate of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which has been monitoring a ceasefire between Syria and Israel for 31 years, until next 30 June.

    It urged the parties to implement immediately the 1973 Security Council resolution 338 which called for an end to all military activity.

    The Council also passed a statement indicating that a report stating that the Middle East was likely to remain tense "unless and until a comprehensive settlement covering all aspects of the Middle East problem can be reached" "reflects the view of the Security Council".

    As of late October, UNDOF was made up of 1030 soldiers, 37 international civilian members and 103 local civilians.



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