Palestinians stranded at Rafah crossing

Some 300 Palestinians are stranded on the Egyptian side of Rafah border crossing, unable to return to their homes in the Gaza Strip.

    Palestinian forces have sealed the Rafah crossing

    Speaking to Aljazeera, the stranded Palestinians complained of harsh conditions they are being made to endure.

    The group includes women, children and the sick. They said that the crossing was opened for few hours and closed again before they could manage to cross into Gaza.

    Thousands of Palestinians had about a fortnight ago streamed into Egypt through the vital Rafah crossing after Israel ended its Gaza occupation.

    Palestinians took control of Gaza after an Israeli dismantling and withdrawal of illegal colonies and military barracks.

    Thousands of Palestinians busted through the border after the last of the Israeli troops left, but the frontier was later sealed to stop the chaos.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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