Egypt building collapse toll rises

Sixteen people, including two children, have been killed and 18 injured after a building collapsed in Egypt's Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

    Building collapses are a frequent occurrence in Egypt

    Aljazeera reported on Wednesday that civil defence and rescue workers had pulled out a total of 15 bodies from the rubble.

    The building had on Tuesday collapsed on an adjacent primary school's wall, killing a seven-year-old child.

    Police said on Wednesday the toll from the accident rose from a previous tally of 12 after four more bodies were retrieved from the site.

    Several people were still trapped under the rubble of the six-storey building and rescue teams were looking for survivors, with relatives gathered around the site, police said.
    A five-year-old boy and a woman were rescued on Wednesday.
    The building in a residential neighbourhood of eastern Alexandria was originally three floors high but another three floors were added illegally. 
    Building collapses are a frequent occurrence in Egypt.

    Many structures are unauthorised and not built according to regulations.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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