The al-Quds Brigades in a statement on Monday said two Israeli soldiers were hit when its fighters attacked Israeli soldiers at the Mourage settlement and also targeted Israeli vehicles at the Kesofim settlement.

The group also claimed responsibility for the killing of an Israeli soldier in a clash on Sunday night near Saida village, close to Tulkarim.

Meanwhile, the Hamas resistance rejected Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef's call to disarm.

The minister had stressed the need to withdraw all weapons from Palestinian streets.

Hamas reaction

But Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhra, said such statements are not in line with the understanding forged by the Palestinian Authority (PA) with various groups.

Zuhra supported the PA's efforts to improve law and order, but said it should not undermine the resistance movement.

"We have to draw a line between two types of weapons. The ones in possession of the resistance groups are legitimate and aimed at protecting Palestinians against aggression."
"Some Palestinian families and officials also have arms. These should be controlled," Zuhra said.

Source: Aljazeera