Aljazeera's English channel in 2006

Aljazeera has announced it will launch an English-language channel at the start of 2006, as it named a senior management team.

    Aljazeera has undertaken major expansion in recent months

    British national Nigel Parsons will head operations at the company's Doha headquarters, while Trish Carter, formerly of New Zealand television, will head a new Asia desk in Kuala Lumpur.


    Sue Philips, formerly employed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, will take charge of European coverage in London, while Will Stebbins, formerly with Associated Press Television News, will head a North American desk in Washington.


    Aljazeera has undertaken major expansion in recent months, launching a new channel last month dedicated exclusively to covering live events without presenters or commentary.


    Aljazeera also has a sports channel and plans a children's channel soon.



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