Bangladesh factory toll reaches 50

The death toll from Bangladesh's worst factory disaster has reached 50, with around 100 people missing and feared dead, officials and rescuers said.

    Around 100 people are still missing and feared dead

    Rescuers dug out six more decomposed bodies on Friday from the stench-filled ruins of a nine-storey garment factory that collapsed near Bangladesh's capital early on Monday.


    More bodies were buried under the rubble and the death toll was likely to go up, they said.


    The Shahriar Fabrics plant at Palashbari, 30km from the capital, Dhaka, collapsed early on Monday with around 250 employees inside working the overnight shift.


    Police say an exploding boiler might have triggered the disaster, the deadliest in the country's garment industry. The exact cause has yet to be determined.


    The factory was built without planning permission, officials and engineers said. Its owners have not been found.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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