Jordan activists face death penalty

Jordan's state security court has endorsed death sentences against two activists convicted of plotting attacks against Jewish and Western tourists during millennium celebrations.

    Riot police secure the area around the court during the trial

    The military tribunal in Amman on Monday also upheld jail sentences against seven other defendants at the third appeal since they were convicted in September 2000 of planning bombings using sulphuric and nitric acids against tourist sites in Jordan.

    Judicial sources said lawyers for alleged ringleader Khadir Abu Hushar and his fellow accused, who consistently charged that the verdict was unfair and that testimony was made under duress, are expected to appeal again.

    Abu Hushar and Usama Sammar face the death penalty while two others have had their death sentences commuted to life in prison while the rest face jail sentences of between seven-and-a-half and 10 years.

    The men were among a group of 28 defandants who went on trial in 2000, including six who were aquitted, and 12 fugitives.



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