Togolese vote for a new president

Togolese voters have begun casting their ballots to choose a new president for the west African state, where tensions have run high during a campaign marred by violence.

    International outcry forced Faure Gnassingbe to step down

    The poll meant to resolve a political crisis after the death of the country's long-serving ruler, but instead has stoked fears of violence.

    An opposition coalition of six parties believes it will win the election despite what it says are attempts to rig the poll by the ruling party of former President Gnassingbe Eyadema, who died in February after 38 years in office.

    Polls opened at 0630 GMT with only small queues forming outside polling stations in the capital Lome.

    The coalition has named one candidate, Emmanuel Akitani-Bob, 74, to challenge Eyadema's son, Faure Gnassingbe, 39, who was named president by the army when his father died but agreed to step down and hold polls after an international outcry.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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