Police official killed in Mosul blast

The head of the Iraqi police anti-corruption department in the northern city of Mosul has been killed by a bomb, government sources said.

    Mosul has been the scene of attacks in recent weeks

    Brigadier Walid Kashmula was killed on Sunday inside the headquarters of a commission in charge with fighting corruption in public administration in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

    It was not known what caused the bombing. Some officials told Reuters that Kashmula was killed by a bomb placed in the building where he worked, but a police officer was quoted as saying a suicide bomber was behind the blast.

    "A suicide bomber blew himself up inside the headquarters of the commission of public integrity, causing victims," said officer Salah al-Din Muhammad Ali without giving a specific toll.

    Mosul has been the scene of several attacks in recent weeks.

    Leading police and army officials have been targeted for assassination. Iraqi police and soldiers are also frequent targets of attack by gunmen and bombers.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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