Egypt, which has been mediating talks for several years between the Palestinian Authority and resistance groups, has invited Abbas and 13 resistance groups to Cairo next Tuesday.

The talks have focused on a ceasefire declaration halting the uprising against Israel and spelling out a formal role in Palestinian affairs for Hamas and other opposition groups. The parties are also expected to discuss the future of the Gaza Strip following Israel's planned withdrawal this summer.

"I expect this meeting in Cairo will conclude all the efforts that have been made by the Egyptian brothers," Abbas said in Gaza City on Thursday, adding that he will personally participate in the gathering.

"God willing, we could have a declaration," he said.

Israel and the Palestinians have been observing an informal truce declared by Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on 8 February. But sporadic violence has persisted, including a 25 February bombing in Tel Aviv that killed five Israelis.

Israeli raid

Abbas' announcement on Thursday coincided with a raid by Israeli troops on the West Bank home of a suspect in the Tel Aviv bombing which resulted in his death

Since the bombing, Israel has stepped up pressure on Abbas to take tougher action to disarm fighters. It also has frozen plans to hand over security responsibilities to the Palestinians in five West Bank towns.

Abbas criticised the Israeli raid, saying it makes it harder for him to ensure the quiet. "Quietness is required from us. At the same time, it is also required from the Israelis and the Israelis must not carry out these actions," he said.

He conceded that once Palestinian security forces take over in the West Bank, they may not be able to prevent every act of violence but promised a sincere effort to preserve calm.

"The Palestinian Authority cannot achieve 100% success, but we can achieve 100% effort," he said.