Yemen pursues GCC membership

Yemeni President Ali Abd Allah Salih has called for the country's laws to be adapted to conform with those of the Gulf Cooperation Council within two months to ease its economic integration into the group of oil nations.

    Salih: Yemen's laws will conform to GCC policies in two months

    GCC Secretary-General Abd al-Rahman al-Attiya told Salih on Monday in Sanaa that Yemen could take part in the GCC's free trade, patenting and standardisation cooperation.
    Following their meeting, the Yemeni leader said he had "ordered the competent authorities to hasten the adaptation of Yemeni laws to the laws of the Gulf ... in a period not exceeding two months", official Yemeni sources said. 
    Bid to join

    The only country in the Arabian peninsula without a foothold on the Gulf, and the only republic, Yemen has for a decade been knocking at the door of the GCC, grouping Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
    But the GCC partners, which forged their alliance in 1981, have been in no great hurry to admit the poor country of some 20 million people into their ranks.
    Yemen, however, did win the GCC's approval in December 2001 for membership in some of the bloc's councils - in the fields of education, social affairs, health and sports.
    "The countries of the GCC and Yemen will complement each other, which will benefit both sides," Salih said, noting that GCC exports to Yemen total $1.6 billion annually. 



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