Sinai women storm bombing trial

Dozens of wives and mothers of Egyptians rounded up after the Sinai peninsula bombings have stormed a municipal council in the northern town of al-Arish.

    The 7 October bombings killed 34 people, mostly Israeli tourists

    Around 100 women burst into the chamber where the session, chaired by North Sinai governor Ahmad Abd al-Hamid on Monday, was being held and demanded the release of their jailed relatives. 

    "Lies, lies", they screamed, in reference to comments by Interior Minister Habib al-Adli, who said that only five people were still being held in connection with the blasts, which killed at least 34 people, many of them Israelis.
    The protesters dispersed peacefully after the governor asked them to register their loved ones' names so their cases could be reviewed, councillors said.
    New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch has said that as many as 2400 people rounded up after the 7 October bombings in the resorts of Taba and Nuwaiba are still being held incommunicado.



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