Earlier, a reconciliation meeting was held between al-Rajub and former security minister Muhammad Dahlan, after an 18-month rift.

The meeting was attended by a number of senior officials at the Palestinian National Authority, Aljazeera learned.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Security Council completed the draft of a long-awaited bill to merge the 11 various Palestinian security forces into three, local officials said on Tuesday.

The bill is expected to be presented to the Palestinian parliament in the coming days, the officials said.

Reform of the Palestinian security forces is a long-standing  demand of the international community. Work on the bill has been ongoing for months.

The security council headed by Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya convened two days after Palestinians voted overwhelmingly for incoming president Mahmud Abbas to succeed late leader Yasir Arafat.

The Palestinian Legislative Council is expected to study the bill for several weeks before voting on it.