Abd Al-Karim Abu Lihya, 20, was killed and three other fellow fighters were wounded in Gaza on Sunday as they reportedly tried to plant explosives near the Karni border crossing into Israel, sources said.

The death occurred, according to an Israeli military source, when several Palestinians were spotted approaching a security fence near Karni.

"We know that we hit at least two of them, one of whom was armed, in an off-limits zone around 300 metres from the fence," the source said.

"We believe they were trying to plant an explosive and a search of the area will begin shortly." 

West Bank raid

Meanwhile, in the West Bank, according to Aljazeera's correspondent in Janin, Ali al-Sumudi, a raid began in the early hours, with Israeli military vehicles entering al-Sikka neighbourhood via the southern gate of the town.

The West Bank town of Janin has
been a target of frequent raids

The forces who conducted house-to-house searches said they were looking for resistance fighters, the correspondent said.

An exchange of gunfire between Israeli troops and fighters from al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and al-Quds Brigades lasted for about two hours.

The town has been turned into a prison due to the closure imposed four days ago, the correspondent said.

Residents, including the sick, have been prevented from entering or leaving the town.

Israeli occupation forces have also fired at ambulances, warning them against moving around in the city or transferring patients to hospitals.