"I want to tell my fellow Britons that there is no progress, no negotiations to save my life. And no negotiations to end the humiliation of female prisoners in Iraq.

Tony Blair is lying, lying when he says he's negotiating. My life is cheap. He doesn't care about me.

Please, please help me and the Iraqi mothers.

Mr Blair says he doesn't negotiate with terrorists. The French are negotiating with these people to release hostages.

I'm begging you, I'm begging you to push, push Blair to help me.

And my mother is in hospital. They tell me my mother is sick in hospital. You helped her, you want to help her ... Have the same compassion for the female Iraqi prisoners.

All these people want is the female Iraqi prisoners free.

They don't want to kill me. They could have killed me a week, two, three weeks ago - whatever.

All they want is their sisters out of prison and back with their families where they belong.

And Tony Blair. I'm begging for my life, I'm begging for my life.

Have some compassion."