- Invest in new technology and alternative fuels to lessen
US dependence on foreign oil. 
- Make America "finally and forever" independent of Middle East oil. 
- Cut the US deficit in half over four years by ending corporate tax cuts, which he called "corporate welfare." 
- Offer targeted tax breaks for the middle class. 
- Roll back tax cuts granted by the Bush administration to people earning over $200,000 a year. 
- Close tax loopholes to companies moving jobs abroad and give breaks to firms keeping good-paying jobs at home. 
- Pledged not to privatise Social Security or to cut benefits. 
Incentives to revitalise manufacturing and investment in technology and innovation. 

Foreign policy

- Pledged that as commander-in-chief he would never lead the United States into a preemptive war, only sending troops to battle "a threat that was real and imminent." 
- Immediately reform intelligence gathering. 
- Rebuild alliances with other nations. 
- Ensure the United States would lead the global effort against nuclear proliferation. 


- Add 40,000 active duty troops. 
- Double the number of US special forces. 
- End the military's heavy reliance on National Guard and
military reservists. 

September 11 commission

- Immediately implement the recommendations of the September 11 commission. 

Health Care

- Offer incentives that would save families $1,000 a year on health insurance costs.
- Allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from countries like Canada, where they are often less expensive.