Missiles targeted the home of Abd al-Karim al-Quqa, the head of the Popular Resistance Committees - an umbrella organisation of Palestinian resistance groups - in the early hours of Tuesday, reported Aljazeera.net's correspondent.

At least three people were injured in the attack on the al-Shataa refugee camp in Gaza City, reported Ahmad Fayad. Al-Quqa was not at home when the Israelis struck.

Israeli navy ships also neared the shore of Gaza, said the correspondent.

The previous attack came on Monday. Israeli missiles also slammed into al-Quqa's home but the resistance leader escaped unhurt, reported Aljazeera's television correspondent Hiba Akila. Three people were wounded in that strike. 

Israel regularly carries out targeted assassinations of resistance leaders, a policy condemned by the international community and Palestinians. The most high profile assassination earlier this year was of Hamas spiritual founder and leader Shaikh Ahmad Yasin.