Internet offered to Indian rail passengers

Indian Railways, one of the largest rail networks in the world, is to offer Internet access to passengers travelling aboard luxury coaches from this month, the Times of India daily has said.

    The service will initially be limited to certain routes

    The Internet service will initially be limited to trains on the Delhi-Amritsar and Delhi Bhopal routes but is likely to be extended to other routes depending on demand, an official said.

    A cyber kiosk with at least two computers will be set up on the trains while "hot spots" that will enable passengers to plug in their laptops and gain instant access to the web will be created.

    The access will be provided through small antennas installed along the tracks which will link up the train through receptors mounted on the coaches.

    Indian Railways has extensively computerised its operations to deal with ticketing and information for passengers as well as to cope with the administration of its 63,140 kilometre-long network. 



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