Afghans held in killing of Chinese

A military commander has accused former Taliban fighters of being involved in the killing of 11 Chinese workers in northeastern Afghanistan.

    The workers were killed while they were sleeping

    General Muhammad Daud said on Sunday that 14 people, including some formerly

    involved with Taliban and the Hizb-i-Islami

    , were involved in the deaths


    Ten people have so far been arrested over the brutal slayings

    while the investigation continues, Chinese state news agency Xinhua


    Quoting General Daud, Xinhua said

    six more people had been arrested on Sunday.

    Earlier in the day the commander, who could not be reached to

    immediately confirm the report, said four people had been

    detained and more arrests were to follow.

    Opposition fighters

    "There are more suspects soon to be arrested," he said. "Our

    initial investigation shows that the attackers were 14 people in two

    vehicles. They are all Afghans."

    Daud said those arrested had "been with Taliban and Hekmatyar".

    "There are more suspects soon to be arrested. Our

    initial investigation shows that the attackers were 14 people in two

    vehicles. They are all Afghans"

    General Muhammad Daud

    Islamist opposition fighter Gulb al-din Hekmatyar is the leader of

    the Hizb-i-Islami party which has links with resurgent

    Taliban fighters.

    Hizb-i-Islami is thought to cooperate with Taliban and other government opponents,

     and is accused of being behind attacks against

    foreigners and Afghan and US-led occupation soldiers in the past.

    Daud refused to comment on statements he reportedly made to

    Chinese state news agency Xinhua saying the killers were part

    of a new "terrorist" network.

    Road projects

    The Taliban have denied any involvement in the Kunduz killings.

    The attack happenned when about 100 Chinese workers were sleeping in

    their tents which were sprayed with machine-gun fire early on Thu


    Eleven Chinese and one of two Afghan police guarding the site

    were killed in the incident.

    China has called on the Afghan government and the UN to

    investigate the assault and bring the "terrorists to justice, and

    ensure safety and security of other Chinese citizens in

    Afghanistan", Xinhua said.

    Around 400 Chinese nationals are working on road and irrigation

    projects in the war-ravaged country.



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