According to the correspondent, the cars were found following a major search operation which started a week ago using helicopters.

The correspondent also said that the Jordanian authorities on Saturday arrested two suspects related to the case in the northern city of Irbid.

"The group planned attacks on American interests including
the embassy and a number of US organisations based in Jordan," a senior security source told Reuters.

Planned attacks

Senior security officials said earlier this month that cars
carrying explosives had been driven into the kingdom from Syria.

Jordan's long desert border with Syria is patrolled by both
sides, but smugglers slip in. Officials had said they had uncovered a group planning attacks in the kingdom, arresting some suspects now under interrogation. 

Three others got away, and state television has run their
pictures appealing to Jordanians to give the police any
information on their whereabouts. 

Jordan's close US ties and 1994 peace with Israel are
unpopular with many in the conservative kingdom and there is
strong support for Islamist groups in some areas. 

In mid-March, the United States increased its level of alert
in Jordan, urging Americans to step up vigilance after receiving information about possible attacks on hotels in the kingdom.