According to Aljazeera's correspondent, Khaled Amayreh, the occupation soldiers carried out "meticulous and onerous" house searches.

Amayreh further reported several incidents of residents having been beaten up and seeing their property destroyed.

Saturday is also the first day of the winter school term and the curfew meant hundreds, "if not thousands" of school children, were forced to stay at home.

Tal, due to ongoing invasions and curfews imposed by the Israeli military, remains cut off from the rest of Nablus, reports Amayreh.

Homes demolished

An Israeli soldier stands guard in
front of detained Palestinians

On Friday, Israeli occupation forces demolished three Palestinian homes and bulldozed agricultural land, northwest of Rafah City, south of Gaza Strip. 

According to reports, eyewitnesses said two Israeli bulldozers escorted by an Israeli tank destroyed the homes.

Similarly, the Israeli military on Friday evening demolished a Palestinian home west of Khan Yunus city.

And another siege has been imposed on the city of Jenin, with tanks being deployed in main routes leading into the city.

Meanwhile, several Palestinians were detained in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil(Hebron) on Saturday. Details surrounding their arrest are not clear.