The document, dubbed the agreement on political process, was signed between US overseer in Iraq Paul Bremer, US Ambassador David Richmond and Jalal Talabani, the chairman of the US-installed Governing Council.
28 Feb 2004: A Fundamental Law, drafted by the Governing Council in close consultation with the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) is
to be passed for the administration of the state during the transitional period, including procedures for the election of a transitional assembly.

It will also establish a timetable for the drafting of Iraq's permanent constitution, the ratification of the constitution and the holding of general elections under the new constitution.
March 2004: Agreements between the US-installed Iraqi interim Governing Council and the CPA to define the status of the coalition forces
in Iraq, "giving wide latitude to provide for the safety and security of the Iraqi people."

May 2004: Selection of a transitional assembly by caucuses of each of Iraq's 18 provinces convened by representatives of the provinces, municipalities and the interim leadership. The CPA will supervise the selection process.

June 2004: Selection of a provisional government by the transitional assembly and recognition by the CPA. The Governing Council in place since 13 July, 2003 and the CPA dissolve.

15 March, 2005: A convention to be directly elected by the Iraqi people to draft a permanent constitution. The constitution is put to a popular referendum.

2005-end: General elections for a new government according to the provisions of the new constitution.