Malaysia PM orders study on militants

Malaysian Prime Minister Abd Allah Ahmad Badawi has called for a comprehensive study into the causes behind the formation of militant groups and why they commit "terrorist" acts.

    Malaysia's Badawi is satisfied with his country's security

    The premier, who took over from Mahathir Muhammad last week, made the request while he was chairing his first meeting of the National Security Council, according to Defence Minister Najib Razak on Wednesday.
    “The Prime Minister also wants a study to be conducted to find the source of influence that caused the militant groups to resort to terrorism," Najib told the Bernama news agency.

    Kuala Lumpur is holding without trial more than 90 suspected militants, most of them accused of membership in the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) organisation.
    While Malaysia itself has not been hit by attacks, two Malaysians, Azahari Husin and Nur al-Din Muhammad Top, have been named as prime suspects in JI bombings in Bali and Jakarta in neighbouring Indonesia.
    They are being hunted by Indonesian police after narrowly escaping arrest last week at a hideout in the west Java city of Bandung.

    Najib said, however, that Abd Allah was satisfied with the security situation in the country.

    “The security situation in the country is good," he said.



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