"She really is very pretty," Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder gushed on Tuesday. "He has made a very good choice."

Spanish Prime Minister Maria Aznar concurred. "The decision
secures the continuation of the monarchy and the unity of the people of Spain," he told a joint press conference after their talks in Berlin.
Gender equality

The Spanish premier was more circumspect when asked if his
government was considering changing the rules of the line of
succession, which favour males above females.

Television presenter Letizia Ortiz,
fiancee of Spanish Crown Prince
"Of course we believe in the principle of equality," he said,  "but we need some time and have to think about it."

Felipe, the 35-year-old only son of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, will later this week officially propose to 31-year-old  television journalist Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. 

The marriage is to take place next year, the palace announced on Saturday.