Six wounded in grenade accident in Iraq

An Iraqi woman and five children were wounded, one seriously, when a grenade they were tampering with exploded at an abandoned army camp near Baquba, northeast of Baghdad.

    Baquba's defunct base is now a tempting but deadly playground

    “My wife, one of my children and four of his friends were injured Wednesday night in the explosion of a grenade in the Saad camp,” Rahman Mizhar Ilwan told AFP.
    The camp in Baquba, 60 kilometres (38 miles) from the capital, was used by the now disbanded Iraqi army before Saddam Hussein's government was ousted in April.
    "Children were playing with the grenade when it exploded," said Elwan.

    Ilwan and his wife are one of a number families that live in a disused area of the camp. The majority of them are displaced Arabs from Kurdistan. US forces use another part of the camp, the 40-year-old Iraqi told AFP. 
    Ilwan said there was likely more unexploded ordnance left behind by Saddam's army at the camp.



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