Typhoon batters south China

A powerful typhoon that battered southern China's Guangdong province has left 38 people dead and injured 1000 others, state media reported on Thursday.

    The worst typhoon to hit the region in the last four years

    Typhoon Dujuan brought heavy rains to the province after lashing neighbouring Hong Kong earlier this week.

    At least 20 of the fatalities occured in Shenzhen city, while nine others died in Huizhou city. Many of the deaths occured  when poorly built structures, especially shacks used to house migrant workers, collapsed.

    The typhoon was the most damaging to hit Guangdong's Pearl River Delta since 1979.

    China's official Xinhua news agency said that 16 migrant workers on a construction site were among those killed. It gave no details.

    The storm cut power and water supply in the city of Shanwei and in some districts of Shenzhen, directly across the border from Hong Kong.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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