Madonna to launch children's book

Harry Potter, watch out!

    Madonna has downplayed her rauchy image in recent years

    Pop superstar Madonna is planning to launch a global assault on bookstores on September 15 when her first children's book will be published in 30 languages and 100 countries. 
    The mother-of-two will be in Paris to unveil "English Roses", the first of five volumes, French publisher Gallimard said on Thursday.
    Her fame is sure to help sell the book, the first published novel she has written, although matching the runaway success of Potter might need a touch of magic. 
    Details of the hotly-awaited first tome remain under wraps until the release date.

    Material Girl
    However, media reports say the fables will contain elements from the kabbalah, a mystic offshoot of Judaism which counts Madonna and other Hollywood stars among its faithful followers.
    Like the hit Harry Potter series by British author J.K. Rowling, publishers hope Madonna's new books will also appeal to adults.
    It is a stark departure for the Material Girl, who caused a sensation in 1992 with the publication of "Sex", a coffee table book that contained X-rated shots of the star with the likes of model Naomi Campbell. 
    But the 44-year-old entertainer has attempted to tone down her raunchy image since the birth of her daughter and her marriage to film-maker Guy Ritchie.
    Her forays into film as an actress have met with mixed critical reviews.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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