Hizb Allah being framed says Nasr Allah

The United States, UK and Israel are spreading propaganda about Hizb Allah activity in Iraq, said the secretary general of the Lebanese party Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah.

    Secretary-general: Resistance is the real project in Iraq

    Nasr Allah said the Anglo-American occupation authorities of Iraq were circulating information that Hizb Allah was taking part in attacks in order to suggest that the resistance in Iraq was not internal.

    “This is not true … our main battlefields are Lebanon and Palestine. We are active in these two fields, but have no military or security action outside of them,” Nasr Allah told Saudi Arabia’s al-Watan newspaper.

    “Israel is attempting to establish a link between Hizb Allah and Usama bin Ladin’s al-Qaida and has international operations posing a threat to interests of several countries. With these claims, the Israelis want to solve their problems,” he said.

    The official position of Hizb Allah is that Iraq is an occupied country, Nasr Allah said, adding that the “occupation can be removed only through resistance.”

    “This resistance is the real project in Iraq,” he said.


    Nasr Allah also told al-Watan that his group was due to resume negotiations with Israel for the release of hostages the Jewish state is holding.

    Hizb Allah wants the release of all Arabs held by Israel, not just Lebanese abducted by the Jewish state

    "Some contacts have already started and negotiations will begin shortly...We are looking to see through the current mediation to a happy end to this issue," he said.

    Hizb Allah has accepted German mediation in its efforts to free all Arabs held in Israel, not just Lebanese civilians abducted by the Jewish state.

    Hizb Allah, which spearheaded the struggle to oust Israel from South Lebanon, is holding three Israeli soldiers held since October 2000. It is also holding an agent of the Israeli secret service Mossad, whom Israel describes as a businessman.

    Nasr Allah also told the paper that Hizb Allah would seek to take more Israeli prisoners to strengthen its arm in negotiations.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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