Hard-up student kidnaps father

Students strapped for cash may do desperate things to help ends meet, but Malaysia’s Jacob Jebaraj comes top of the class.

    Jacob clearly wasn't getting enough pocket money

    The 20-year-old college student decided to kidnap his father shortly after breakfast with five of his friends, Raja, Mara, Sayid, Kampung and Nik.

    To keep the snatch a purely family affair, Jacob decided to demand the ransom from his mother, Sarojeni, local media reported on Thursday.

    The Jacob six kidnapped and held the 53-year-old Marine Department clerk, Ponnusamy, on 1 July for 24 hours. His mum quickly paid the $13,000 demand.
    Ponusamy, who was released unharmed, was quick to forgive his son.

    He has even engaged a lawyer for Jacob, who faces a maximum penalty of death by hanging, the New Straits Times reported. 
    But under section 34 of the Malaysian Penal Code, Jacob could get away with a penalty of just 12 strokes of the ratan.

    The accused were not asked to plead to the charge, and the case was set down for 10 October by Magistrate Nu’aman Mahmud Zuhudi.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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