Libya in deal to bust sanctions

Ukraine is to provide Libya with four AN-32 military transport planes in a deal that may be prohibited by the suspended sanctions on the north African country, the Interfax news agency reported on Thursday.

    Unproven allegations against
    Fahima ended in the collective
    punishment of a nation

    A contract was signed between the Ukrainian state-owned company Spetstekhnoexport and Libyan authorities, the agency said.
    An AN-32 is estimated to cost between six and seven million dollars. The plane can transport 7.5 tonnes for a range of 800 km.    

    The sale of military equipment to Libya remains a sensitive issue, but Ukraine last year supplied the north African country with the world's largest transport plane, the Antonov AN-124-100.

    Breaking sanctions?

    It is not immediately clear whether the deal contravenes United Nations sanctions imposed on Libya because of its alleged involvement in the 1988 bombing of an airliner over Lockerbie in Scotland.
    After April 1992, many Libyans suffered when UN-sanctions suffocated the country for seven years as a whole nation was made collectively responsible for the crash of PanAm 103.

    Although sanctions were suspended in 1998 after Libya agreed to turn over the two Libyan suspects, al-Migrahi and Fahima, they have not been lifted.


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