Hizb Allah ambulance explosion hurts driver

A bomb exploded in an ambulance in the Lebanese town of Kfar Kila on Tuesday, according to Hizb Allah officials.

    Leader of Hizb Allah, Sheikh
    Hassan Nasr Allah

    Initial reports suggested the explosion occurred when the driver of the ambulance was inspecting the vehicle.

    But eyewitnesses later said that a device exploded when the driver had tried to turn on the ignition of the ambulance.

    Jihad Halaweh, the ambulance driver was struck in the stomach and feet when the blast went off.

    The ambulance, which bore the Hizb Allah insignia was also badly damaged.

    Hizb Allah, a Shi’a Muslim group backed by Syria and Iran, is largely credited with driving Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

    In addition to emergency services, Hizb Allah also runs hospitals and out-patient clinics in the region.


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