Lebanese community leaders in
Australia say Hizb Allah does not
operate there

Currently, Canberra follows a list of groups described as “terrorist” compiled by the United Nations.

Australia’s Attorney General Daryl Williams said on Tuesday the list was inadequate since the world body’s list brands groups as terrorist only if they have links to Afghanistan’s former Taliban government and Al-Qaeda.

Williams claimed Hizb Allah also operated outside Lebanon and posed a threat.

“The government has been advised by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) that there is evidence this organisation engages in terrorist activity,” he said.

Hizb Allah spearheaded the campaign to oust Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in May 2000 following a 22-year-long occupation. 

In Lebanon Hizb Allah is an effective political party, holding seats in the country’s parliament, running schools, hospitals and charities.

If a group is listed as a terrorist organisation Canberra can prosecute its members or supporters under tough new laws introduced after the September 11 attacks on the US. 

The United States considers Hizb Allah a “terrorist” organisation.