Israel claimed the boat was
loaded in Lebanon

The Lebanese movement also denied any of its members had been captured on board.


Israeli security sources had earlier claimed a fishing boat seized on Wednesday was loaded with arms and being smuggled by the Lebanese Hizbullah to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli army officials said the "Abu Hassan" vessel was captured near the port of Haifa.

Israeli security sources alleged they captured at least two Hizbullah members on board. An Israeli army statement did not mention any men on the vessel.

Senior Israeli naval and intelligence sources said the boat was carrying CD-Roms with instructions for making bombs, rocket fuses and remote detonator devices.

News of the seizure was kept under wraps overnight while authorities interrogated the prisoners.

A boat Israel captured in January 2002 was also carrying arms from Lebanon and heading to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Palestinians have been resisting Israeli occuaption in an armed uprising that started in September 2000.