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Release: Crossroads Europe

Crossroads Europe- A new four part series on Al Jazeera English presented by Elizabeth Filippouli

Last updated: 07 Jun 2007 14:17
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7 June 2007: Al Jazeera English will air a new four part series presented by Elizabeth Filippouli on the changing face of Europe next week starting Monday the 11th of June at 0700 GMT.

The series is filmed in Sweden, Spain, Germany and France and produced by independent filmmakers who have been raised within Muslim communities in Europe. It examines the adoption problems, discrimination issues and difficulties faced by some Muslims in Europe.

The series also looks at the promises of immigration with a piece filmed in Marseille as a  bright example of how communities of different racial and religious backgrounds can live together peacefully.

"This was a great project to work on as it examines a very important new reality in Europe that consists of a diverse range of races, religions and ethnic backgrounds. We at Al Jazeera feel it is our responsibility to cover these underreported stories." said Filippouli.

"Crossroads Europe highlights Al Jazeera English language channel's commitment to covering news from a grass roots level," she continued.

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Europe.  While much of Europe's native population is on the decline, the immigrant population is on the rise. 

Crossroads Europe will be aired at the following times on Al Jazeera English:

Sweden- week of June 11
Spain – week of June 18
Germany- week of June 25
France- week of July 2 

Times (GMT)
Monday 0700 and1430
Tuesday 0030
Wednesday 0530 and1930
Thursday 0300 and 0730
Friday 0130 and 1330
Saturday 0230 and 1730
Sunday 0630 and 1900


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