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Stormy weather breaks the heat in Australia
The bushfire threat lowers over New South Wales as temperatures fall across eastern Australia.
At least 31 people washed away and dozens missing as storm hits southern part of the north African country.
At least seven people killed as severe cold continues to grip northeastern US and Canada.
Heavy rain and severe storms cause widespread disruption across the Levant.
Snow-vember hits the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest.
A small Venezuelan village claims to experience more lightning strikes than anywhere else on Earth.
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23 Nov 2014 11:58 GMT
Buffalo starts its clear up operation after recent blizzards, as residents prepare for flooding.
18 Nov 2014 11:27 GMT
Torrential rain rain causes widespread devastation across southern Switzerland.
16 Nov 2014 09:35 GMT
Just a few days after being hit by deadly flash floods, northern Italy is again suffering torrential rain.
13 Nov 2014 09:24 GMT
Torrential rain causes major problems in Italy and Switzerland.
12 Nov 2014 10:01 GMT
A big cold snap brings the first heavy snow of the season sets in to North America.
09 Nov 2014 10:12 GMT
The waterways of the Italian city have expanded inland as stormy weather and high tides have caused sea levels to rise.
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