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Blizzard hits Japan
The worst winter storm in a decade has disrupted road, rail and air travel in Hokkaido.
The North African country has suffered the rain and enjoyed the snow.
Californians had too much rain but just enough snow.
The typhoon brought damaging winds and torrential rain but, the death toll was low thanks to careful preparations.
Bad weather has hit central and southeastern parts of the country with the prospect of more to come.
UN agency declares 'state of emergency' in Gaza City after two days of heavy rain cause flooding in besieged enclave.
In Pictures
10 Dec 2014 11:49 GMT
The country is bracing for storm force winds, snow and mountainous seas as a low pressure system moves in.
Steff Gaulter 07 Dec 2014 11:26 GMT
Despite the snow in much of northern Asia, parts of Japan is clinging onto warm weather.
03 Dec 2014 10:09 GMT
Much of the region has been hit by a combination of sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain.
30 Nov 2014 11:32 GMT
Severe storms continue to batter the western Mediterranean with damaging winds and torrential downpours.
23 Nov 2014 11:58 GMT
Buffalo starts its clear up operation after recent blizzards, as residents prepare for flooding.
18 Nov 2014 11:27 GMT
Torrential rain rain causes widespread devastation across southern Switzerland.
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