The Dreamers
Activist - Viridiana Martinez

Viridiana Martinez only found out that she is considered 'illegal' upon graduating from high school and discovering that she could not work or apply to colleges. She is one of the roughly two million undocumented young people living in the US today. Her parents took her and her sister to the US when they were children in search of a better life, but their status means they must live in the shadows to avoid triggering deportation proceedings. But now Viridiana is fighting back - openly declaring her 'illegal' status so that she and others like her might remain in the country they have come to know as home.
The Dreamers
Roughly two million young people in the US are unaware that they are classified as illegal immigrants.
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For some it is a country of laws, for others a country of dreams, but what will it take to turn dreams into law?
Undocumented, unafraid, unashamed and unapologetic - Viridiana Martinez describes the sentiments behind her activism.
There are around two million undocumented young people in the US today, many are now campaigning for their rights.
Eleven million undocumented people, 20,000 border guards; conflicting versions of the American dream?

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