Clashes in Jerusalem after shooting of rabbi
Al-Aqsa shut down after member of far-right group which wants to rebuild Jewish temple on site of mosque is wounded.
At least one dead in clashes after demonstrators storm assembly in protest against vote to allow president another term.
Israel recalls its ambassador following move Swedish foreign minister hopes "will show the way for others".
UN political chief tells Security Council that Israeli plans to build new homes in Jerusalem could ignite more violence.
Woman who returned to Maine after treating patients in Sierra Leone says 21-day quarantine is "scientifically unsound".
Iraq struggles to cope with its displaced population amid a financial crisis and lack of adequate funding by aid groups.
Jane Arraf
Latin American nation of six million has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world.
The DMZ, infamously seeded with countless land mines, is the most heavily armed strip of land on Earth.
Despite risks and stigma, healthcare workers in Sierra Leone are urging others to join Ebola's front lines.
Nina Devries
Many artists are using their work to raise social, economic, and political issues in Kosovo post independence.
What does the verdict against Jamaat-e-Islami chief Motiur Rahman Nizami mean for Bangladesh and its politics?
US Marine arrest puts controversial military deal in the limelight after transgender Filipino found dead in a toilet.
Booming global trade in 50-million-year-old amber stones is lucrative, controversial, and extremely dangerous.
People & Power30 Oct 2014 08:56 GMT
Can Somalia's embattled president unite his country against the armed group al-Shabab?
Fault Lines29 Oct 2014 07:24 GMT
Fault Lines investigates the battle over the most popular and controversial drugs in the US, opioid painkillers.
Syrian refugees at Zaatari camp turn to gardening to make a difference.
Communist country is often described as the Hermit Kingdom, but government minders like to show a different side.
Traditional Chinese opera is one of the oldest performing arts in the world.
The olive oil industry, which supports thousands of families in occupied territories, is in decline.
Busy Karrada neighbourhood continues to be plagued by attacks, despite promises by Iraqi authorities to curb violence.
Capital begins campaign to name its streets to make it easier to get around in nation where many roads are undesignated.
Government wants impoverished community next to Mumbai's airport runway to move, citing security threat.
Undercover police deployed as Bogota fights rampant harassment of women using public transport.
Over 3,500 volunteers sign up to help transcribe documents and catalogue artifacts , to make them available online.
More than 200,000 people resettle in Albania and make investments after years of working abroad.
After a month on the streets, activists demanding free elections are under pressure to shift tactics.
Having settled in Dadaab camp, some Somalia refugees want to go home but some find they do not.
Al Jazeera profiles what lies ahead for a country in transition, struggling to decide the democracy it should become.
Mobile phone companies are all vying for market share in India, with 1.2 billion people.
Compared to other diseases, Ebola is not especially contagious - but has a far higher fatality rate and no proven cure.
Pinpointing military and humanitarian aid from nations in the international struggle against the armed group.
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