How Palestinians should respond to Trump's 'one state'

Palestinians must make clear that the sole prerequisite needed for a lasting peace is justice on their lands.

by Alaa Tartir
- Tareq Baconi

Muslim Ban

Muslim ban 'a matter of life and death' for Iraqis

The Iraqi government has come under increasing pressure to retaliate against Trump's Muslim ban.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Gaza doctor seeks justice in Israeli court

Izzeldin Abuelaish's lawsuit is finally set to be heard, years after the Israeli army killed his daughters in Gaza.

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Al Bab: Russia-Turkey understanding on Euphrates Shield

Ankara's plans to push further east and south of Al Bab might face serious diplomatic challenges, say analysts.

Muslim Ban

Yemen: Art, love, bombs and bans

Yemen's most prolific street artist copes with Donald Trump's immigration ban.