Report warns Trump against scrapping Iran nuclear deal

Ending the agreement would lead to 'unfathomable consequences' throughout the region, International Crisis Group says.


Netanyahu's media scandal: Who bribed whom?

The latest revelations throw a glimmer of light on the systemic corruption in Israel, analysts say.


Paris peace conference: A damp squib

A half-century of Israeli occupation is not going to be meaningfully addressed by international meetings.

Battle for Aleppo

Syria's Civil War: Aleppo's heritage sites 'in danger'

UNESCO representatives are expected in Damascus next week to discuss ways of salvaging Aleppo's heritage.


Broken homes: A record year of Israeli demolitions

For a full year, Al Jazeera documented the impact of Israel's home demolitions on Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

by Megan O'Toole
- Mohammed Haddad